The Digital Health Guy Kevin Pereau talks with Ferris Taylor

Get a look behind the scenes at the Healthcare Executive Group’s Annual Summit in Boston as Kevin Pereau, The Digital Health Guy, checks in with HCEG CEO Ferris Taylor.

Ferris Taylor & Kevin Pereau, TDHG

What keeps healthcare executives up at night? Ferris walks us through the infamous HCEG Annual Top 10.

“So, first of all… I don’t want HCEG to be about Ferris – it really is about the issues and challenges and opportunities we have in healthcare.”, Ferris Taylor explained as he spoke with Kevin Pereau, The Digital Health Guy.

Ferris Taylor has been involved with HCEG for 15 years – while HCEG was founded 31 years ago in MA – so this year’s  Forum taking place in Boston is very fitting. 

“Each year, the HCEG (Healthcare Executive Group) Annual Forum provides the setting and platform for senior level executives from across the healthcare spectrum to come together for 2-3 days each year to discuss the continuous innovation, evolution and transformation of the industry.  In September 2019, attendees at the HCEG Annual Forum were granted direct access to over 100 peers, thought-leaders and solutions providers from around the country; facing similar obstacles and providing opportunities, while engaging in real, relevant and productive dialog.

The setting and structure of the HCEG Annual Forum encouraged and supported candid and confidential exchange between forum participants.

Formal and informal networking opportunities were woven into the two+ day event across various relaxed settings. HCEG sponsors participated as thought leaders, checking their specific business interests outside the door.”

The Digital Health Guy, Kevin Pereau, attended HCEG 2019 as the moderator for the panel discussion with Anthem, VIM, and ConsejoSano on Digital Transformation: How Novel Technologies are Making a Tangible Impact . What is one thing all of these fine organizations share in common? They were all featured in my new book, The Digital Health Revolution, which every conference attendee will receive compliments of Richard Lungen, who is Founder and Managing Member at Leverage Health Solutions. 

Joining me on the panel:

Mariya Filipova, VP Innovation, Anthem Inc
Oron Afek, CEO and Co-Founder, VIM
Ray Constantini, MD, CEO and Co-Founder, Bright.MD
Abner Mason, CEO, ConsejoSano

“Panelists discuss use cases of disruptive innovation in digital health including short- and long-term impacts on their business, relationships with other stakeholders, members, and patients.

– Explore technologies that foster engagement between health care stakeholders
– Assess the impact on consumers, outcomes, and costs
– Hear first-hand examples of how technology successfully integrates into a payer workflow including results and lessons learned

So much has changed for everyone since checking in with them while writing The Digital Health Revolution. I can’t wait to hear about the use cases driving their growth. They continue to lead our industry in helping us break down the complexities of healthcare at our point of consumption. Anthem will soon debut an exciting new AI driven platform that delivers a curated consumer experience for their members. VIM continues to lead in patient scheduling and provider steerage, is one of the fastest growing firms in Telehealth. ConsejoSano is a mission driven, community focused organization that ensures innovation like this is available to even the most disadvantaged.”

It was a true honor to be at this year’s HCEG, and especially appreciated Ferris Taylor taking the time to chat. Thank you, Ferris!

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