The Digital Health Guy talks with Marcelo Venegas, MD of KnowNow

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hang out for a week with some of healthcare’s leading innovators, disruptors and thought leaders?

Kevin Pereau, THE Digital Health Guy, @DigitalHlth_Guy met Marcelo Venegas, MD of KnowNow Health Solutions at #HLTH2019 in their first ever Book Nook while autographing his book, The Digital Health Revolution, which Anthem Health sponsored for every attendee.

KnowNow Health‘s Mission:
To provide access, privacy and peace of mind. To provide screening of important medical conditions, especially for those who would not otherwise get tested, because everyone should have access to medical care and treatment.

Dr. Venegas shared that they chose to focus on getting healthcare to the underserved high risk of HIV populations accessed through the FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Care). FQHC are the health safety net in America. Providing access to testing through their virtual care space through an app they created. KnowNow has developed their PreP – preexposure prophylaxis – essentially, one pill a day to not get infected, and garnered the attention of the New York State AIDS Institute which allowed them to help another 100 patients with the PreP program.

“With 40,000 new cases per year of STD’s – we spend too much on health care.”

“There is now a federal mandate around telehealth… I saw your book The Digital Health Revolution and that’s what we are about, we really want to get access out there through the technology.” – Marcelo Venegas, MD

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