The Digital Health Guy talks with Russell Glass, CEO of Ginger

Ever wondered what it would be like to hang out for a week with some of healthcare’s leading innovators, disruptors and thought leaders?

Join Kevin Pereau, THE Digital Health Guy, @DigitalHlth_Guy as he wanders the halls at HLTH 2019 interviewing digital health executives like Russell Glass, CEO of Ginger since 2018.

Russell Glass, CEO of Ginger talks with The Digital Health Guy

Kevin relates to Russell Glass, CEO that Ginger was one of the first companies to land on Kevin’s radar at a World Health Conference back in 2012.

Russell tells us what once was has morphed into a healthcare provider using tech out of MIT to make available a fully virtual, on demand behavioral health system; trying to solve the supply-demand imbalance for people who have mental health conditions. 

Their system caters to larger, self-insured employers who are focused on wellness care for their employees. The system connects the client to a coach via chat – collaboration is encouraged with the goal being to help people quickly and to provide strategies for preventative maintenance. 

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Kevin Pereau, The Digital Health Guyattended HLTH2019 in Las Vegas moderated two panels and signed his book The Digital Health Revolution,  in their first ever BookNook. Every attendee received a copy courtesy of Anthem.