by Kevin Pereau

Healthcare is evolving and our smart phones are driving that disruption, better connecting us with the stakeholders who help keep us happy and healthy.

The Digital Health Revolution is the first consumer look at how digital health technologies are helping us collect, analyze and take action on our personal healthcare data.

We check in with 30 of healthcare’s top thought leaders to capture and share their insights. Whether you are managing a chronic condition or simply striving to stay healthy, plug in and catch up with the innovators driving disruption and delivering better value for us all.

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What the experts are saying:

“Finally, a book on healthcare for the everyday consumer.

Whether you are tracking fitness goals, guiding your nutrition choices or trying to thrive with a chronically monitored condition, plug into the wave of innovation sweeping healthcare. All you need is your smart phone.”

—Kent Bradley MD, Former President, Safeway Health and Chief Medical Officer, Safeway Health

“It is time we focus healthcare innovation on the underserved of society, those suffering from social determinants of health.

Town Hall Ventures is seeking big thinkers committed to improving people’s lives and helping them achieve better health outcomes. The answers aren’t always traditional.

Join the mission.”

—Andy Slavitt, General Partner, Town Hall Ventures and former Acting Administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

“A treasure chest of thought leadership providing superb insights into digital consumer engagement, coupled with great tools that are simple to use are the key pillar in this transformation.

Plug in.”

—Henry Loubet CEO Bohemia Health and former Western CEO United Healthcare & President Health Net

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About the Author:

KEVIN PEREAU is Founder and Principal of TranscendIT Health, a boutique healthcare strategy and management consulting firm focused on helping health care payers, providers and consumers get maximum value from digital health technologies.

The Digital Health Revolution

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