Excerpt from article on MobiHealth News:

Telehealth platform InTouch Health is teaming up with North Carolina-based Mission Health and Pennsylvania-based Jefferson Health to develop new telehealth platforms aimed at improving patient access and reducing cost.

“The hospital administrations very much believe that telehealth is a big part of the future and wish to apply the principals of telehealth to many other applications, like substance management and cardiology. They want to take the tech and applications and bring it to other specialties,” Joseph M. DeVivo, InTouch Health CEO, told MobiHealthNews. “We have created this joint partnership where we will work to identify clinical use cases and best practice combine with the best tech available to make this happen.”

Before the partnership, both Jefferson Health and Mission Health worked with InTouch Health. But the providers have never worked together or shared information with each other. Now the providers and InTouch will work together to share their learnings.

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