EOPatch is a wearable, adhesive insulin pump with a handheld touchscreen-enabled controller that closely resembles a smartphone.

Excerpt from Article: The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has partnered with South Korean medical device company EOFlow to accelerate the development of EOPatch, the company’s wearable insulin pump.

“JDRF is working hard to reduce the burden of living with Type 1 diabetes while we search for ways to cure this disease,” Jaime Giraldo, Ph.D., research scientist at JDRF, said in a statement. “Innovation in automated insulin delivery devices and artificial pancreas (AP) systems will help to significantly improve health and quality of life for people with [Type 1 diabetes]. Next-generation wearable designs that are smaller and employ user-centric design will remove barriers that prevent some people, especially small children, from using these life-saving and life-changing glucose management devices.”

wearable insulin pump

The patch has smart & flexible basal and bolus control (Image: EOFlow)

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