The Future of Health Tech

Photon Legal brings to you, yet another exciting webinar series – The Future of Health Tech! Let’s hear from some revolutionary Health Tech startup founders about their journey, experiences and struggles. Join us and get insights like never before! Register yourself on the link given below or by scanning the QR code in the video.

Our very own @DigitalHlth_Guy, Kevin Pereau will be on board for the session on 20th August 2021 at 9:00am (EST).
The session will be a panel discussion with impromptu questions on topics like:
-Emerging trends in Health Tech
-Impact of the Pandemic on the HealthCare industry
-Modern Technology in Health Care
-Rise of Healthcare Startups
-Patents in Health Care

Who should attend?

Techies, Innovators, Health Care Enthusiasts, Start-ups, SMEs, MSMEs, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Intellectual Property (IP) enthusiasts. If you are interested in Health Care, innovation, technology, startups, and Intellectual Property then this e-Summit is your one-stop solution.

Why attend The Future of Health Tech?

With involvement of Technology in Health Care, the industry has gone through revolutionary changes. With the recent pandemic, the industry is experiencing exponential growth, the number of Health Care startups has risen immensely. Patents are also important in protecting the technology that is helping with the advancement of Health Care. Our distinguished guests, with years of experience in Health Care will provide valuable insights about their journey in the industry. Every session will shed new light on a series of interesting topics including the following and more:

  • Emerging trends in Health Tech
  • Impact of the Pandemic on the Health Care industry
  • Modern Technology in Health Care
  • Rise of Health Care Startups
  • Patents in Health Care
Event Details:

Dates: 17th to 20th August 2021
Timing: 9 AM EST

Register here, it’s free! 

The Future of Health Tech

Kevin will be referencing some of the content in his next book “It Takes a Village“, sequel to “The Digital Health Revolution” – don’t miss it!