Richard Mockler: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself*

Richard Mockler Photo

Richard Mockler

It’s an honor to join Kevin and the TranscendIT team. As the new guy, it seemed fair to give you a brief overview and preview of what’s to come, and how I hope to be useful here.

You can find career and background details on my LinkedIn. The short version: My focus has evolved over the years to encompass in-depth work in behavioral health, as well as a passion and plenty of experience with primary care (especially as it relates to …. behavioral health), patient engagement, and digital health.

So what can you expect from Richard Mockler?

  • Lots of fact-based cheerleading for the companies I am lucky enough to be working with. We are ALL blessed at TranscendIT to only need to work with folks we truly believe are making a difference, so I guarantee my enthusiasm is  genuine. Right now, I am focused on GoMo Health, which delivers validated patient engagement outcomes beyond anything I’ve ever seen, and M3 Information, developer and  owner of what should be the New Standard for Mental Health Assessment (because it covers depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bi-polar disorder, AND their co-morbidities.)
  • Celebration of leaders and leading organizations that are making a real difference in this moment and for the future. Right now, it’s COVID-19’s world, and we’re only visiting; as a result I am very keen on helping out and promoting Project N95 (getting PPE to the front lines and beyond) and the Emotional PPE Project (connecting the front lines to FREE mental health care and counseling.)  Check them out. Give them some money. Volunteer if you can.
  • General discussion of the elephants in the healthcare room — the incredible role that structure inequality and systemic racism play in health outcomes; the fact that discussing “social determinants of health” is fine for talking about symptoms but doesn’t address the core issues; and my ongoing despair and rage regarding how the US, in particular, does or  does not address these issues. Much of  this is reserved for my Twitter feed, but longer-form discussions (meant to invite dialogue) will appear here.

So there you have it — it’s an honor to be here and I look forward to connecting, engaging, and solving at least a few worthy problems together.


*(Or, if you prefer … “Well: How Did I Get Here?”)