Digital Quality Summit

NCQA AND HL7 PRESENT Digital Quality Summit (Virtual)

BRIDGING THE DIGITAL QUALITY CHASM is thrilled to let you know our own @DigitalHlth_Guy, Kevin Pereau is going to be speaking in the General Session on Wednesday July 14th, 3pm Eastern time!

DJ Wilson of will be talking with Kevin on the topic: Connected Health & Actionable Data

Date: July 13-15, 2021

Location: Online

Digital Quality Summit 2021 will bring together people from different parts of health care to demonstrate techniques for improving the exchange of information critical to assess quality. Our goal is to put together the various pieces in order to realize the true potential of digital quality measurement. This event is specifically designed to foster engagement and collaboration around innovative advances in digital quality where attendees will work towards advancing these ideas into practice. You will get the latest knowledge about barriers and resources required to implement these innovative solutions and how to make them work for your own organization.


“Extremely interesting and I learned a lot that is very relevant to my work.”

“Great opportunity to talk with NCQA, auditors and plans on ECDS measures.”

“The format of speakers and breakout sessions highlighted the differing views and challenges we face in terms of quality measurement.”

“I find this to be an extraordinary gathering of like-minded folks with different sets of expertise focusing on how to measure quality and then fill the care gap.”

“I think we’re going to have some true improvements in how we measure in the future.”

“It’s helpful to have a group of different stakeholders that all approach the same problem through different lenses.”

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